THE TC-2 DEVELOPMENT PROJECT has been going on since August 2009, i.e. approximately 1,5 years:

WHY develop a new loom?

We wanted to make a less expensive loom than the TC-1
 - and - increase it's performance!

This could be achieved through a re-design of the loom, focusing on smart solutions combined with automated production and assembly! The slogan for Tronrud Engineering is "We build your ideas!" This is exactly what we have now done for weavers all over the world! 
When the TC-1 was ready in 1995, I stated that it was a fulfillment of every weaver's dream!
When the TC-2 now approaches launching, I have to quote myself! 
This time we benefit from all the technological developments in the fields of tooling machines, software for construction, analyzing, testing and simulating!
In addition to this, we have one big resource that we did not have 15 years ago: We have the input from all you creative and smart weavers from all around the world! Thank you!!!
This poster to the left was from Convergence in Albuquerque/ NM July 2010