Mar 12, 2011


Tests running 24/7:

For some time now, Ole Christian has been running performance tests on new components.
Thanks to sensors and logging software, the tests run around the clock, workdays and weekends!  

Right now we have one valve that has performed flawlessly for more than 2 million cycles: Translated into weaving, it corresponds to almost 4 million picks of tabby. If you weave 10 picks per cm, it corresponds to 2000 meters (~ 1 ¼ mile).
If you weave 10 picks per minute, it corresponds to roughly 3 300 hours.   On average, the hour counter in the control cabinets for the TC-1 shows an annual average of  300 hours  ~ 11 years of weaving!

A web camera has been pointed towards the test bench, so that all the team members can log on whenever they want, and observe the ongoing tests. In a few weeks I’ll let you know how much "weaving" has accomplished!

Anders is running some tests for the warp advancing mechanism, based on different warp tensions. We want the loom to be able to increase and decrease the warp tension, and it should be able to wind the woven fabric off the fabric beam or the warp off the warp beam. These operations will require more force if the loom has many modules (=many warp ends) and if you want a high tension warp.   The tests have been going on for several weeks to see what parts will wear out first, and in what ways. The purpose is to identify possible design flaws BEFORE starting fullscale production!

Bjørn Haavard has developed a new manifold for the pneumatics.  Up till recently we used a manifold assembled from 96 parts. The new manifold consists of 3 parts, and it performs BETTER than the old one! The new manifold is furthermore designed to fit inside the left or right side compartment of the TC-2 loom!  A pity that it will not be visible!

Bjørn L on the electronics:

The biggest news is that the modules will have a WIRELESS connection to the loom!
Here from testing of antennas and elecronics:

Jan writes the software, and says that it is beginning to "talk to" the electronics!

Rune (right) and Eivind (left) discussing.

Isn't it AMAZING that so many highly skilled people put their minds into developing a new TC-loom!  


  1. So very thrilled to read about this! As you know, I have enjoyed weaving on my TC-1 for over 11 years. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. I too am happy to see this blog and to learn about your progress.

  3. How exciting and also a great blog beginning. Really happy to be reading this.

  4. and in the end a new loom will be born...will it be as revolutionary as the former?! Very happy to follow developments on the blog, thanks.

  5. I am also very happy to read this blog. It is a sign of life that you continue to develope your TC! I wish you great success in this project.

  6. Most of my pre-weaving professional life was spent in electronics manufacturing companies in Silicon Valley, California, so this is all very interesting on a technical level as well as from a weaver's view. Thanks for blogging about the birth of a new loom!

  7. Congratulations on your fantastic blog. I was very excited to here that the project is still going well and I wish you all the success with it. I feel now my dream of owning one is getting closer! I am still suffering creative withdrawal symptoms from not having Janice and there TC1 around.

  8. Wonderful! You guys are always at the forefront! Congratulations! My 12 year old TC1 still works fine!