Sep 25, 2013

Our 2nd Artist in Residence - Cathryn Amidei

We have a 2nd Artist in Residence!

Say hi to Cathryn Amidei
Quick introduction on Cathryn's residence stay:
The project proposal for Cathryn’s sabbatical is to complete a series of jacquard woven work that she has been working on for several years. She has been working on a technique that incorporates brocading work into complex woven structures. Her other proposal was to develop 2 exhibitions of work woven on the TC2. One exhibition to showcase artists working here in Europe - which would travel to the U.S. and another that would travel from the U.S. to Europe.

In the next four months while Cathryn is here, there will be collaboration with Vibeke on a number of other projects related to the TC2. They will be developing materials for demonstration, pedagogical material for workshops and marketing materials to promote the loom and its possibilities.

One outcome of working intensively on the loom for an extended period is that she can offer feedback, and develop concepts and educational a well as marketing tools for the collaboration with Vibeke.

Cathryn had proposed that during the course of this year she would weave 10- 12 new pieces. In order to accomplish this goal, it is necessary for her to draft new weave structures, finesse the process of creating the digital files, test the colors and textures used and learn to manage the loom and the software.  

Before she left for Norway, Cathryn had woven a blanket for the projects. 
Woven on her TC1 back in the US - the blanket of new colours!
We have the pleasure of Cathryn’s permission to give you a sneak peek on what she is working and testing on since she's arrived:

Look at all the vibrant colours
Close up of the details and textures
And if you are wondering how she had accomplished all those colours and intensity, she was using 10 shuttles!

That's a lot of work and impressive patience and skills!
About Cathryn Amidei:
“I have an MFA in textiles from Eastern Michigan University. I have participated in a number of local, national and international exhibitions. I currently teach in the Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising program in the College of Technology at Eastern Michigan University.
This project was designed to help revive my art practice as well as to develop pedagogical material for teaching. The ultimate goal is to develop an exhibition of work woven on the TC2.”

Keep a look out for our progressive updates!


  1. Wonderful, Cathryn and Vibeke!! What a brilliant project! Let us know where and when the exhibitions will be..... Stacey Harvey-Brown

    1. Love the colour palet, it's vibrant! Keep us posted on the project outcome and exhibitions. Thanks Cathryn for revealing your work in this early stage, i love it!

  2. I can almost feel the texture in these images, good photographs do tell a story beyond the surface. and I say what Stacy and Hilde says.

  3. Wonderful Cathryn, truly wonderful. Bright and vibrant colors! I have such a talented sister :-)

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