Jul 11, 2011

TC2 progress

It has been a long period when I have not updated you on the TC2: Most of the recent work has been related to electronics, hardware and software. It is not a simple job to share this with you because pictures just show electronics and cords, no ‘action’. There is also no simple way to explain verbally what is going on because the processes are far too complex and complicated.
It is a bit like showing pictures of a computer – hoping that you will understand it's potential.

It is difficult to explain my excitement to outsiders, when I for example click on ‘Connect’ in the Loom Controller: After a second or so, the following word appears in the lower right corner of the screen: Connected! It is just a little word on the screen, but it is the visualization of the wireless connection between the computer and the loom!

When testing electronics, nothing MOVES like it does in mechanics. The only visible signs of response can be readings from a voltmeter, or small red or green light diodes lighting up (if programmed to do so). It is therefore a job that only experts can do, and we are lucky to have this expertise in the company!
The wireless connection between the computer and the loom constituted an important milestone! Earlier I have woven a design off the computer pick by pick, but now we may also view and edit the actual loom settings wirelessly! I can sit in my own office and communicate wirelessly with the loom electronics located in another office on another floor in the building! Since every loom has it’s own IP-address, we will provide customer support from Norway, including the possibility to check the customer’s loom settings, design parameters and possible error messages.

I can now play around with configuration alternatives such as 3 modules wide and 12 modules deep (= 36 modules in all). Then I can swap to defining a variable warp density, for example 10 deep + 12 deep + 12 deep + 10 deep= 44 modules (= 9680 warp ends totally). I may then load a suitable design and start weaving!

Despite the fact that we are somewhat behind schedule, we have actually already sold a couple of TC2 looms! It is a testimony of confidence that we are very proud of!

Once we start producing the TC2s, we will start out with small batches. This will lead to long delivery times, so that those who want to be on a waiting list, should let us know!

See separate posting about Line position!

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