Jul 11, 2011

Line Position

We are getting closer to the TC2 launch! We will start out producing small batches, in case we discover that we need to make a modification or two:

Instead of having to make a modification on for example 20 looms, we can get away with just a few. Next production batch will then have the modifications implemented. The downside of this plan is that delivery times will increase.
We will therefore encourage people to sign up for a ‘line position’.

This is not a binding commitment or an order. But if you consider it likely that you will order a TC2 when it becomes available, it could easily become a long wait! Your feedback will help us to decide for the initial production batch sizes as well as the delivery order.
(In the aviation industry, line positions have been traded like tickets for rock concerts!)

Email feedback to: Digital Weaving Norway

At this point we do not have prices carved in stone! We will offer the first looms at a somewhat lower cost than the future ones (it should pay off to be an early bird!) A TC2 with max weaving width 28" / 72 cm and 4 modules will cost around 60 % of the TC-1 cost. Looms with more modules seem to end up costing around 50 % of the TC-1s.

We will of course monitor the first TC2 looms closely, both regarding installation and support. Our long term aim is to sell TC2 looms without personal instruction and training, because an instruction DVD will cover the entire process.

To summarize: If you secure a line position, it will guarantee an early delivery!

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  1. Great news! I hope you'll be bringing a TC-2 to Convergence in July. We'd all love to see the new baby.