Feb 1, 2012

Good things come to those who wait...

It has been a long period without blog updates about the TC2, but we have not been idle! 
We have tested/modified both the loom, the software and the user interface!
Some of the recent tests were about how the loom's performance was affected by dry / humid air at different temperatures: We even built a test room - approximately 100 m3 - so that we could change humidty and temperature more efficiently!  Humidifyer on the table in the forground...

Bjørn, R&D engineer, checks foot pedal input /automatic warp advancing/warp tension control. 
Arna, textile artist, waits to continue weaving. 

It is the big loom frame (for max 4 modules in the width = 145cm / 56" weaving width) and equipped with 12 modules and 2 warp beams. Present configuration is 3 modules wide and 4 deep. Only the 4 modules in the centre are threaded.

The loom is soon to be delivered, so we play arond with it as much as we can!
Next is to check the performance of the automatic advancing and tension control for the two warp beams and the fabric beam!  We use two different warp materials on two different warp beams...

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