Oct 31, 2012

Christy Matson: Weavings, Drawings, Collages

Weavings, Drawings, Collages: <p>I am a specialist ... a Jacquard-weaving specialist.</p><p>For the last decade, I&rsquo;ve used the Jacquard loom as the primary tool to make my work. <em></em></p><p>In May 2012, I left a tenured teaching position at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) to relocate my life and practice to Los Angeles.&nbsp; During my 7 years at SAIC I had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students how to incorporate this very old, and somewhat obsolete, technology into their art practices. And I am one of only a handful of artists worldwide who has chosen to focus their art practice around this loom &ndash; my work has been shown over the years at venues such as the Smithsonian Museum of American Art&rsquo;s Renwick Gallery, The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.</p><p>Unfortunately, the nearest hand-operated Jacquard loom is over 350 miles away from Los Angeles. A sense of displacement from the tool I know and love is becoming very real as I realize how difficult it will be for me to continue working in the way I am accustomed as a full-time studio-based artist in Los Angeles.</p><p>Through this campaign I hope

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