Feb 21, 2013

Pushing the limits of the TC2...

Since just before Christmas I have worked on a project which involved making a very long warp:
I got excellent followup from the yarn vender, including bringing the yarn personally - on a Saturday!  Eventually Anne Størseth made the warp on her beautiful wooden warping mill from the early 1950-ies. Some years ago, when she still produced large quantities of the beautiful handwoven Elise Jakhelln upholstry fabrics, she used to make 170 meter long warps on this machine!
The only modification we had to make, was to make bigger (taller) side flanges for the TC2 beam.
In the end we had 12 kilos of yarn wound on the beam. The moment of the arm was then far bigger than originally calculated, so it was exciting to see if the warp advaning worked as planned!   

Then Katja Huhmarkangas came from Finland to test the loom and the actual dsigns. 

On the 28th of February I will be able to share with you what this project is!
Until then, please enjoy watching Katja weaving along!
I hope you notice that what makes the most noise is the shuttles :-)

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